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Crystal Spark Business Services can help you create a business that will grow all on its own, giving you time and space to explore other areas in your business or life that need attention. Yes. This is possible with the right strategies and marketing moves.

Your business is your baby, and we fully support you in your efforts to nurture it and ensure its success. Our business development services aim to help you start, run, maintain and grow your company. Should you wish to give up the helm, we can help with a smooth and seamless transition.

Advisory in setting up a business

Setting up a business is a daunting process, although few of the lucky ones had it easy. Most of the time, there are plenty of factors to consider, from the capital to the inventory. But learn the basics, and you should be in the right direction. For anything else you need, we are here to help.

As specialists in business development in US, we can provide professional and sound advice in setting up a business. Our industry knowledge enables us to provide business and management consulting services that align with your needs. With our help, setting up a start-up would be less confusing and complicated. We will provide you with answers about funding, legal structures, employee staffing, tax, and other relevant details.

Preparation of a detailed business plan

No company should be without a business plan that can help create a more defined picture of the various aspects of an organization. It describes the potential costs and drawbacks of running a business, current and projected financing, overall budget, marketing strategy approach, and market analysis. It is also one of the requirements that investors, lenders, and venture capitalists want to see.

We can help in writing a business plan that outlines your goals, objectives, and strategies for moving your business forward.

Exploring and communicating new business opportunities for clients

As an experienced provider of small business start-up consulting, we recognize a profitable business opportunity when we see one. So don’t hesitate to share with us your ideas and we will explore the possibilities. With a proper understanding of how the business landscape works, we have the tools to test if an idea has an existing market, solves a particular problem, is easy to sell, and promises revenue with little overheads.

Don’t have an idea in mind? Don’t worry, we can help you find business opportunities in the UK that you can start with, be passionate about, and use as a source of income.

Business succession and exit planning

Our business consulting services extend to succession and exit services. The right plan lets you stay in control as you hand over the business wheel to successors while minimizing risks and maximizing value. It also preserves wealth and protects your interest. We specialize in a proactive exit and business succession plan.

Executive training in Business Development

We will train your brightest talent, so they will acquire the skills and knowledge to help grow, manage and improve business performance, even with a shifting landscape. Our business development solutions are designed to benefit both the organization and the individual undergoing executive training.

Ask us about our IT consulting services as well.


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